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Highly effective
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15 years of efficient school management 

Approved Technology Solution Provider by MDEC for SME Initiative Grant

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New Norm With SimTrain

COVID-19 pandemic has led us all to a new norm and consequently, leaving businesses with no choice but to adapt digitalisation in operation, including education sectors.

We, the SimTrain team is here to help you with the changes. Operating on the cloud, SimTrain helps you to manage students and classes easily, handle payment swiftly, and keep track of the overall performance effortlessly. Embark your teaching business today with SimTrain.



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Student Data Management

An overall view of student's information and payment progression. 

Informative Dashboard

Shortcut icons to assist you in your daily operations.
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Cloning of Enrolment

Eliminate redundant tasks with duplicating charges to the following months.  

Scheduling of Classes

Drag and drop class schedule to create a timetable. 
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Quick Student Registration

Fast and efficient enrolment for an individual class or a package.

Payment Management with Official Receipt

Set up your payment method, receive and record payment hassle-free. 
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Employee & Student Attendance

Recording and tracking student and employee attendance automatically and effectively.

Performance analysis reporting

View your centre's reporting from student attendance checklist to fees collection reports.
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Multiple entities consolidation

Impactful integration of multiple branches within a single system with consolidated reporting.

SimTrain Mobile App for Students, Parents & Tutors

Strengthen your brand by owning your own app on the app store.

Integrateable with Online Conference Platform

Flexible at any point, this app allows online classes to be conducted in multiple platforms.

Boosts Brand Recognition
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Easy Access to e-Learning Materials

Student gets to retrieve the latest notes and learning materials on cloud.


New students register themselves and their profiles sync with admin's record in SimTrain.

Credit Card Back
Online Payments

Parents are well-informed of outstanding payment and remittance of payment is via online payment. 

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Push-notification Announcement

Blast unlimited announcements to everyone and they will be notified immediately.

Parent-School Communication

Parents get to provide their feedback to the school and receive responses in a single platform.


Success Stories

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Widely known in Kuala Lumpur, Maths Clinic has been with us for more than 7 years. They first came up to us seeking a better solution to manage their operation, from capturing student attendance to receiving payment. Now, they have successfully grown out to multiple branches across Kuala Lumpur, and make use of the current technology to automate things up. Recently, they just implemented the mobile app for the online classes during the implementation of MCO amidst the pandemic period of COVID-19 and this has gained thousands of sign-ups in a short period of time.


Since MCO was first implemented during the pandemic period of COVID-19, Pusat Tuisyen Aksara Rahsia has been actively applying technology in their business operation. Physical classes have been shifted to online classes and the mobile app has helped them through with student self-registration and conducting classes through online conference platform. Their number of students have increased substantially ever since. 




RFID Card & Reader 

Capturing student attendance swiftly. 


Cash Drawer

Connects with SimTrain to store cash, coins and other valuable items.


Thermal Receipt Printer

 Printing receipt in thermal form.

**Customisation of print format is required.

*All hardware is not provided in the plan and is sold separately upon request.
SimTrain Pricing

Pricing Plan

Find out what best suits your business. 


**All prices are for 100-student counts only. Top-up is required if the number of students exceeds the quota.


**All prices are included with SST and effective on 1st March 2024, the pricing will increase by 2% due to the raise of Service Tax from 6% to 8%. 
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