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  • Where can I get the free trial?
    You may go to the Homepage of the website and click the Try the 30-days Free Trial button or you can go to directly then sign up an account.
  • Is there any installation needed?
    No installation needed, we will provide you the link to your system. Normally, you would continue from your trial system and every individual users will have to sign up an account to have the access to the system.
  • What kind of supports are given to the customers?
    Technical support is provided in 2 ways which are through phone calls and Helpdesk ticket submission that is built in within the system.
  • Is training free of charge?
    Training is chargeable and you are given the option to participate the training online, at your place or at our office.
  • Are we able to extract the data out of the system if we’d like to stop subscribing actively?
    You may retrieve the reports out but if you have been inactive for quite some times, you would have to pay a month of fees to access the system to get the reports out.
  • What are the payment method available for SimTrain Subscription?
    You may make payment online through the payment portal or even uploading a payment slip.
  • Can I use other mobile devices than laptop and desktop to work with SimTrain?
    Yes such as iPad, as long as you have a workable browser (preferably Google Chrome). Note: Internet Explorer is not workable for SimTrain.
  • Is support fees included in the subscription fees?
    Yes, it is.
  • If I have more than 100 students how much would the subscription fees be incurred to my billing?
    You only need to add on a 100 students quota which only costs you RM21.20/ month.
  • Where can I see the demo of the system?
    You may go to the Homepage and book a slot on the allocated space or contact our sales rep, Farahin at 013-7380418.
  • Is there any way that we could get a discount for our subscription fees?
    Discounts are only provided to additional company/branch/franchisee within a single system which is at 15% per add-on.
  • Is export function provided in the system?
    Yes, it is. You may download the template right from the system and then get all the data transferred into the template then upload it back into SimTrain. Note: Only student data can be imported into the system.
  • What are the payment options that I get to choose?
    Subscription fees can be paid either monthly, quarterly or yearly.
  • If I would like to get some add-ons to my SimTrain system, what should I do?"
    Kindly contact our sales rep, Farahin at 013-7380418 and lay out the details of your requirement.
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