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16 Years of Experience in Cloud Management System Solution 


An Approved Technology Provider Solution for SME Initiative Grant


Receiver of :

EST. 2007

Sim IT Sdn. Bhd. is an IT company located in Johor and Singapore, helping small, medium to large companies to establish their IT infrastructure and business systems. Sim IT Sdn. Bhd., formerly known as Perusahaan Sim IT in 2007, develops and provides products and services such as business management system implementation, system consultation and IT professional training.

"Sim IT" defines "Simplified It", empowering customers by helping them to reduce their IT burdens in terms of administration, cost, and etc.



"Assisting customer to achieve the highest profitability with hassle-free and environmental friendly information technologies."


1. Create software to increase customer satisfaction by:

  • Increasing revenue

  • Reducing cost

  • Increasing productivity and automating business process

2. Build a hassle-free, effective and efficient support system to customers

3. Having a healthy, positive, initiative, innovative working culture and environment for our employee

4. Simplify IT infrastructure

5. Build reliable business partners to provide customer reliable solution

6. Committed to environmental and social responsibilities

7. Create positive cash flow company

SIMIT Milestone

SIMIT Timeline.png
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