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Success Stories


Johor Ship Care Sdn. Bhd.

The accounting software with their great features and easy to understand has been a great help to us in managing daily data entry for the sales and all expenditures neatly whereby monthly report can be just easily generated for management review and tax planning purposes. It saves our time whenever we want to retrieve old transactions record and not to forget was to keep up with environment change specifically during GST implementation. 


Soode Sdn. Bhd.

SIM lT SDN BHD is our key, lT supplier since Year: 2012. Along the years, they have been providing us

very good support and developed a very useful system for our company in Production planning & stock controlling. Highly appreciated their programmers who works hand in hand with us to understand our requirements and providing us an effective solution. 

currently using. We are looking forward to continue works with SIM IT SDN BHD in future to continue success in our business.


Lima Bintang Logistics 

Sdn. Bhd.

From old time, we used manual documents and simple Excel to perform our records and works. Now, we are using SimBiz system which the data is computerised, secured, centralised and manageable. We are able to analyse our data, and secure our data. We are no longer worry our data not synchronise among copies, and loss of data. Besides that, our business workflow has been improved, the approval process is digitalised and is using online approval with Web or Apps that has driven our business’ efficiency.

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