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Inventory Control

Track your sellable items 

A simple and quick glance at what your bestselling item lines are. 
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Bulk Import

You can import your items via the Excel template provided in the system for quick insertion. 

Bulk Overwrite

Overwrite changes to a group of item in bulk for a fast update.
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View Stock On-Hand Quantity

Well-informed of your stock balance and its cost every time you select the item in a document.  

Safety Stock reminder

A glance over stocks that need to be replenished so you always stay on top of your order.
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Costing your stock

Auto-calculate the cost of each product sold via various costing methods such as FIFO, Fixed Cost, Moving Average and Weighted Average.

Stock Reports

Run stock reports to identify items that give the most to your business in terms of its value, gross profit, cost of sales, quantity sold or bestsellers.
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