SIMIT Client-Introduce-Client Referral Programme


How it Works?



After you manage to refer a successful sign up client to us, you can earn 5% sales rebate from their paid subscription fees only (excluding hardware, customisation, training and miscellaneous fees). Every time the new client makes payment, the sales rebate will be calculated and reduced your subscription fees. If your subscription is lesser than the sales rebate amount, we will transfer the remaining amount to your bank account. We will calculate referral fees every month end and apply sales rebate in next month invoice.
All SIMIT client (Company) automatically are entitled to participate this program, no registration is required.
You only need to introduce client about our product and services, and lead them to register demo session. Demo session form will be provided to you.
We will convey the message on WhatsApp and email after we received the first payment.
If your friend discontinues, the 5% of their subscription fees will be removed from your total sales rebate. You will be informed on WhatsApp and email as well.
All SIMBIZ ECOSYSTEM, SIMTRAIN SAAS and SIMSALON SAAS clients (Company) are entitled to this program. This referral programme is not compatible with outright purchase users such as SIMBIZ5, SIMTRAIN5 because of incompatibility of software license. Besides, if you obtain special discount in subscription fees, the referral rebate may be lower than 5% depending on situation. Our representative will discuss with you case by case.
We're sorry if you stop using our product and services. Since this program is Client-Introduce-Client program, it only applies to active subscription client of SIMIT only. If you discontinue to subscribe our software, then you no longer eligible to get the sales rebate.
You can send WhatsApp, SMS, or email to your friend. You are not allowed to spam to unknown individuals or organisations.
You must at least subscribe to our product and services for 1 month. The sales rebate only applies to subsequent invoice, you still need to pay the current outstanding payment.
No problem - please send an email to with the email address you used to register for the program. In this email, please send us the email address of your friend, and we'll look his or her referral in our system.